Does Ambiance Need To Be Expensive?

Does Ambiance Need To Be Expensive?

Small, Affordable Changes Can Have Big Effects

Do you feel like your shop or office design isn’t working for you anymore?

Your customers, employees, and you spend hours each day in the same space.  Wear and tear on furniture and carpeting is normal.  Motifs get dated.  People get tired of looking at the same old thing.  If your space doesn’t inspire your customers and staff, you lose money — customers buy less and staff are less motivated.  If your space is not well laid-out and well-lit, productivity and purchases are reduced.

If that’s the case, your business space is in desperate need of new ambiance.

But, creating a new ambiance for your facility does not need to be expensive.  How so?  Many things can be done in less than e few hours with modest investment of money.

Here are some tips for reworking your business facility design to create a new ambiance that will inject energy into your company with benefits lasting for years.  And, at a very modest investment — each of the ideas below can often be implemented by yourself for less than 30,000 THB each.

1. Get Organized

The first step in your facility makeover is to get organized. Clean everything up, store things away, even clean up the messy employee lounge while you’re at it. When there’s too much clutter and mess, you interrupt workflows and create visual disharmony. Check these items off your list as you go through your organization frenzy:

  • Purge the unnecessary. Stop holding on to items your business no longer requires.
  • Start labeling and finding dedicated space for everything. The easier it is to find things, the less time you’ll spend searching.
  • Clean off countertops and tables. Have as much open workspace as possible.
  • Designate storage areas and maintain them.
  • Establish a daily, weekly, and monthly cleanup sessions. Devote 30 minutes or less to each session to keep your space organized and de-cluttered.

2. Bring In Some Scents


Having an aroma, candle, or air freshener in your workspace makes your office feel like a retreat or special place. Diffusing essential oils also offer added moisture in the air and, there are scents ( that can give your air a unique, memorable style.

  • Citrus = attentiveness and creativity.
  • Lavender = calming.
  • Cinnamon = cozy.

3. Check Your Lighting


Fluorescent lighting can be hard on the eyes–but do you also have the ability to adjust your office lighting throughout the day? If not, consider adding a few simple items that can make a big impact on your office design:

  • Window shades or adjustable blinds for natural light
  • Desk lamp for low light
  • Sufficient overhead lighting (for those late nights spent working)

4. Bring in Green


If you’re stuck with a gloomy view of gray or don’t have a window in your office, bring in some plants to incorporate color. Research shows ( that having green plants in the office boosts productivity by 12%. Not sure what kind to get? Try these:

  • English ivy – low maintenance, lots of green.
  • Mint – smells great and can be tossed into your workday drink for a subtle flavor boost.
  • Golden pothos – hard to kill, grows forever, and cleans the air.

5. Re-arrange Furniture and Travel Paths

Sometimes you just need to shift things around to feel like your facility design is fully recharged. Try moving key workstations closer to natural light.  Change sitting work areas to standing ones or vice versa. Make sure your arrangement is optimized so customers and employees can get to everything easily.

6. Get a Fresh Coat of Paint


Studies ( show that different colors evoke different emotions when it comes to facilities. Plus, you can brighten or darken the room based on your needs just by changing the paint color (and without hiring an electrician to bring in new lighting.)  What office vibe do you want your color to put off?

  • Blue = calmness.
  • Yellow = productivity and creativity.
  • Green = balance.

7. Personalize

Your facility ambiance should reflect your business’s personality. Hang some wall decor, bring in a comfy place to sit, and some touches that tells everyone what your business is about.  We are focused on getting tasks done that we don’t often think about the importance of making an inspiring workspace.

8. Whistle While You Work


If appropriate for your business, add a dash of music throughout the facility or specific areas.  Ensure audio volume, quality, and music genres are suitable for customers and employees.  Keep the music variety up and music controversy down.

For assistance with creating an ambiance perfect for your business productivity and profitability, contact Swan Design.

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