The Swan Design Process

Ensuring Quality, On-Time Delivery, and Within Budget

Swan Design has developed unique methods to ensure quality, on-time delivery, cost-effectiveness, and the ambiance you are looking for.  We call these methods “The Swan Design Process” and the methods are grouped into six steps.  Below we graphically present The Swan Design Process.  The size of each “slice of pie” roughly indicates the amount of time and money for that given step of the process.




Discovery  |  determine goals, budget, and schedule |   design input document, sketches, current situation, floorplan

Design   |   generate ideas and brainstorm solutions   | renderings, perspectives, furnishings, finishes, space plan

Draft    |   develop and finalize design   |  construction drawings, budget / schedule, approvals

Purchase |   start to bring the design to life  |  requests for bids, purchase orders, order tracking

Administer| ensure all goes according to plan | project record, project schedule/budget maintenance, site inspections

Install    |   voila! the design becomes reality  |  quality assurance, occupancy documentation, white glove delivery